“Homo Nanus Curetis”
A feral variant of the Garden Gnome (Homo Nanus Hortensis) that evolved from the same stock into a fouler branch of existence. Unlike their distant relatives, they are not gatherers but feral hunters known for their nocturnal habits and quick hunting abilities.
Odois are a rare breed of wee folk, very distant kin of Garden Gnomes. 
Sharing the original gnomish stock, unlike their fair kin, the tame so-called Garden Gnomes, they focused on dark arts and foul things, revering death and necromancy. Delving in such matters, over time, corrupted mind, body and souls of the Odois. Their skins paled, their teeth became sharp like razors, and this, added to a keen sense of smell and sight in dark places, enabled them to begin feeding on all types of vermin such as rats and the like. They became quick and deadly, and evermore keeping to themselves, yet always forming and holding strong clan bonds.
Their craftmanship, natural to gnomish folk, was not lost and evolved into a macabre art by crafting tools and jewelry from the bones, hides and sinews of their prey, generally eaten raw after the hunt. Thus, my means of imitation and deception, they began to take on the appearance of their distant gnomish relatives, fair woodland folk, by using such ornaments in a manner that would deceive common people into thinking they were indeed Garden Gnomes.

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